Let’s see Testimonial Slider in Action

All Pre-Build Templates you find below are included with the download of the Testimonial Slider Plugin.

Demo 1

Testimonial Slider module with star rating and navigation arrows

Demo 2

Testimonial Slider with square images and centered quote icon

Demo 3

3 column Grid Slider with Star Rating and moved image below content.

Demo 4

Grid Slider with transparent background and Quote Icon

Demo 5

Filterable Testimonials module is great for creating archive pages. In this sample we used filters and pagination.

Demo 6

Filterable Testimonials grid view with Infinite Scroll enabled.

Demo 7

Grid Slider with custom client images and navigation.

Demo 8

1 column Grid Slider with custom navigation.

Demo 9

2 column Grid Slider with custom icon and fancy typography.

Demo 10

Testimonial Slider module with custom background and animated navigation.

Demo 11

Testimonial Slider in 1 column and image in 2nd column.

Demo 12

In this section we used Grid Slider for showcasing restaurant menu.

Demo 13

Grid Slider module with the new 3D Coverflow Effect

Demo 14

Testimonial Slider module with images on top and arrow navigation

Demo 15

In this section, we used 1 column Grid Slider with custom quote icon and navigation

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