Our agency loves how professional Divi Testimonial Slider looks on client websites. It’s very flexible and easy to use. The fact it comes with custom modules for the Divi Builder allows us to style testimonials quickly to match the design of any client website.

Josh Rohrback 
Josh Rohrback

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Shashlik €15.00

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Healthy Salad €9.95
Healthy Salad

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Special Burger €11.95
Special Burger

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Steak 9oz €25.00
Steak 9oz

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Rucola Salad €8.95
Rucola Salad

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Sea Spaghetti €14.95
Sea Spaghetti

Excellent plugin. I really appreciate the flexibility of the plugin. It has great opportunities to show your testimonials. Furthermore, the support is very good. I got a response within minutes of my initial request. Thanks a lot!

David Morawietz 
David Morawietz

Easy to use and with many design options and settings, all integrated into Divi. What more could you want? If you have any problems, the support will be happy to help you. Thumbs up!

Andi Portman 
Andi Portman

Love it! The best testimonial slider for Divi that I’ve been able to find! Easy to use and with just a few simple customizations, provides a great looking slider that all of my clients go nuts over! Thanks for this quality product!

Don Lisefski 
Don Lisefski

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